Martin W. Hackett

President & Chairman of the Board

Mr. Hackett is experienced in land use and land planning in all facets of site development design including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional. He has provided expert testimony in many land-use cases throughout the region and has assisted clients in obtaining conditional uses, special exceptions, and rezoning cases. Mr. Hackett sits on many committees and boards throughout the region working with various governmental agencies on growth policy and procedures.

As President of CLSI, Mr. Hackett is responsible to ensure the company’s prosperity by collectively directing the company’s affairs while meeting the appropriate interests of its customers.

Martin H. Rickell, Jr.

Executive Vice President

Mr. Rickell is responsible for the management, quality control, design, preparation of construction documents, and permitting of residential, commercial, industrial & public works projects. He has over 25 years of experience in civil engineering design, with an emphasis in stormwater management and floodplain analysis including work to amend FEMA floodplains.

Marshall J. Green, Jr.

Executive Vice President

Mr. Green is responsible for the IT coordination in our firm. He maintains our digital technology and provides support to our staff. He also lends his over 25 years of experience in road and highway design, property subdivision, site plan design, road improvement, and municipal utility design to aid with quality control and project development office-wide.

Brian E. Wagner, P.E.

Senior Associate

Mr. Wagner is a licensed Professional Engineer in multiple states (MD, PA, DE, NY) and oversees our engineering plan preparation. He is primarily responsible for quality control, overseeing the progress of multiple projects, and staff member development. He is involved in every phase of work and is proficient in all aspects of site design including road design, storm drainage, sediment and erosion control, grading, and stormwater management.

Daniel A. Peak

Senior Associate / Chief of Surveys

Mr. Peak is responsible for supervising the survey department and the construction stakeout division including meeting with contractors, writing proposals, establishing criteria and system control checks, crew schedules, and purchase of equipment. He is also in charge of overseeing the safety program for field personnel. Mr. Peak has over 20 years of experience.

Jeffrey T. Zigler

Associate / Senior Project Manager

Mr. Zigler’s primary responsibility is overseeing the land development department where he is experienced in zoning, subdivision, and land development layout and design. He has design experience in SWM, Erosion and Sediment Control, and NPDES permitting. He also represents clients at Township and Borough meetings while processing plans for approvals.

Linda D. Alexander

Associate / Senior Project Manager

Ms. Alexander is responsible for subdivision and site planning, management, quality control, design, preparation of construction documents, and permitting of development projects. She has in-depth experience in civil engineering design, with an emphasis on roadway layouts, site layouts, grading, and specializes in private on-site septic systems.

Anthony B. Rudisill

Associate / Project Manager

Mr. Rudisill is a Project Manager for residential & commercial development projects. He schedules and oversees work with designers and drafters, prepares proposals, and meets with clients and government agencies. He performs all design aspects including stormwater management design, grading, road design, storm drainage, sediment & erosion control, water/sanitary sewer design, and performs stormwater management inspections.

Aaron R. Valentine

Associate / Project Manager

Mr. Valentine is a Project Manager for a range of different civil engineering projects. He has experience in many aspects of site design including stormwater management, storm drains, and sediment control. Before being promoted to project manager, Aaron was a senior designer and involved with stormwater management inspections ranging from individual lot practices to regional stormwater management facility construction.